Web Design
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Website design that speaks to your customers


Design is more than just pretty colours. Discover why our scientific approach works.  We take the time to talk to you in detail so we can create the perfect design for your business needs. Then we create a beautiful design that is easy to navigate and delivers real results for your business.


Information Architecture

We begin a web project by looking at how it will be structured, to ensure your users can easily find what they need on your site. Based on our discussions with you we will create whatever user journeys and site maps are required to pin down how the overall structure will be organised.


Wireframes are the blueprints for a web page, and allow us to work on how the information will be structured within a page before the visual design phase has begun. We will create wireframes for key pages within a site to show what information will be featured, how it will be arranged and which elements will be the most important.

Design Visuals

Once the wireframes are complete and the structure of a page has been agreed, we will create design visuals to show exactly how a finished web page would look. Here we focus on the colours, fonts and styles of a page, and look at the spacing and proportions of elements. We will show the appearance of headings, boxes, links, navigation and the style for any imagery or illustrations.


icon Logo Design

The right brand will help convey your company’s image and allow your audience to identify and recognise your business. We can create a range of completely fresh logo designs for you, or help you develop or rework and existing logo.

icon Branding Guidelines

Keeping a consistent appearance across all media is key to helping customers quickly identify and remember your business. To ensure your branding is always applied correctly and shown to the best effect, we can create a branding guideline document which details exactly how it should be used.   

icon Emails and Stationery

We can create designs for business cards, letterheads, emails and word documents to help keep all your communications consistent with your website and branding.